About Us

Hi my name is Steve the founder and admin of Mechanixspecial.com  I started the site a few years back to help others buy and sell damaged vehicles on a national basis.  This was a result of my personal experience the last time I purchased a mechanic special.  For me, I like buying cars that are damaged because well, they cost a lot less.  My wife and I have been drivng our flooded truck and blown engine TDI jetta for years now.  

You may remember the days when it was safe and easy to buy a car using the classifieds or from the side of the road.  Back then we made a phone call and their was no internet or concern about someone taking your money without giving you a product or stealing your identity.  We wanted to bring back that simple and safe way buyers and sellers communicate.  The internet is a magical place to do business but its also a breading ground for criminals and thieves.  You see, a tire kicker or scammer is not going to bother with a phone call, unlike an email attack.   Our thought is to get right to the heart of the matter and help you sell your car, after all that is why you're here.  


Feel free to explore the site, look at the pictures and contact the sellers about the vehicles that interest you. 


Thanks for your support

Scubaa Steve